Angela Vanityy, TRANZGENDR, transgender

Angela Vanityy Discusses Her High School Experience

A quick warning about Angela Vanityy’s video, she’s a fan of expressive language. Angela talks about her experience of being the first transgender woman in her schools history. She explains the experience as a necessary trial, that she’s extremely proud of.

She talks about lost friends, unsupportive faculty, and other issues that arose while she made history. Angel is one of many men and women breaking ground in the transgender community. While things have become easier for many and will continue to improve, at times it can be a difficult situation that must be endured.

Angela’s story is exactly what we hope to document here at TRANZGENDR. The seismic change that is occurring in America and in other western cultures, is happening on the local and individual level. While you may understand and appreciate these strong men and women, others do not. Which is why we have taken on the challenge of grabbing as many of these moments as possible.

TRANZGENDR wants to document all of your stories. Whether you’re like Angela who is out, proud, and breaking new ground; or you’re struggling with the decision to step out; we want to document your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Please submit your personal story.

by SlickLion, TRANZGENDR