transgender standards of care

Transgender Standards of Care v7

The Transgender Standards of Care version 7, promotes the highest standards of care for transgender and non-conforming individuals. It’s designed to provide clinical guidance for health professionals so that members of the transgender community can transition as safely as possible. It’s also a great resource for transgender men and women to read on their own. You can download the full book by clicking the link below.

Transgender Standards of Care, V7 Full Book

Table of Contents

I. Purpose and Use of the Standards of Care
II. Global Applicability of the Standards of Care
III. The Difference between Gender Nonconformity and Gender Dysphoria
IV. Epidemiologic Considerations
V. Overview of Therapeutic Approaches for Gender Dysphoria
VI. Assessment and Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Gender Dysphoria
VII. Mental Health
VIII. Hormone Therapy
IX. Reproductive Health
X. Voice and Communication Therapy
XI. Surgery
XII. Postoperative Care and Follow-Up
XIII. Lifelong Preventive and Primary Care
XIV. Applicability of the Standards of Care to People Living in Institutional Environments
XV. Applicability of the Standards of Care to People With Disorders of Sex Development



A. Glossary
B. Overview of Medical Risks of Hormone Therapy
C. Summary of Criteria for Hormone Therapy and Surgeries
D. Evidence for Clinical Outcomes of Therapeutic Approaches
E. Development Process for the Standards of Care, Version 7

by SlickLion, TRANZGENDR