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What Does it Mean to Transition?

Transitioning is the process of altering one’s gender assigned at birth to what one’s true gender identity is. To transition is bring your gender expression and gender identity into alignment. The process is complicated and generally occurs over a long period of time. The process is physical, emotional, legal, and social. A quick rule of thumb, when talking to someone transitioning don’t use the word “sex change”, it comes off as ignorant and offensive. Transitioning is usually done to alleviate the torment caused by gender dysphoria. Which is can lead to loss of life.

Not all people who transition have surgeries. Transitioning is a very personal process and it can be a life time journey. Self-acceptance along the way is a must, because most transgender men and women who do transition know, that very few people on this planet can ever say they feel perfect. A lot of women and men, come to the conclusion that passing will never be in the cards for them. And that’s perfectly fine, as long as they don’t have to live a lie. It’s not easy being transgender.

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